10 Skills that make music easy and fun

Is it raw talent, or something else?

Some people take to music like a duck to water. Others struggle and feel awkward or clumsy, even while they want to enjoy it. We commonly call this difference talent. It's a lazy description!

Yes, raw talent is real. It shows up, once in a while, in prodigies: children who play so well they make adults want to give up trying. But you should know this about talent - 90% of it is comprised of a happy accidental mix of other, more basic, neurological skills.

At least, a lot of the time, when it shows up, it's a happy accident.

But it doesn't have to be so random.

I'm Simon Siddol, the founder of The Conscious Music School. I've been teaching beginners in music for thirty years, and I've learned this art of teaching through an unusual route. As well as my life-long fascination with the study of mind and consciousness, I also have empathic sensitivities that allow me glimpses inside the thoughts, emotions, and nerve- and muscle-tensions of my students as I sit next to them in lessons. Being able to 'peek' like this, I've learned a LOT about how people process music in their minds, emotions and bodies. I've also come to understand that there are some basic mind and body skills that pave the way for happy music-making, and those students who have yet to pick up these basic skills struggle in their learning and limit themselves in their musical technique.

These musicians end up like the person who never had their dyslexia diagnosed as a child - held back in their learning and progress, skewed in their self-image and confidence. This can be completely avoided when the missing skill is spotted early.

So it is with music.

These skills aren't complex. They're fundamental.

And they all need to be there. 

Which is why I've put together this simple report for you, detailing the 10 most important pre-musical skills that you or your child need in order to have a swinging time with music. They're obvious life skills that most folk can see the value of, and could work out how to improve for themselves, but their connection to musical fluency is less obvious, and their application in music rarely discussed.

So here at The Conscious Music School, we've mapped out that process, and it starts right here with our free introductory report, 10 Skills That Make Music Easy And Fun.

If you want the best start you can get, or a fresh start after a struggle, get the report and start that process right now.


To your enjoyable musical future,


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10 Skills That Make Music Easy And Fun

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