Are your music choices healing you or harming you

What Is That Music Doing To You?

If you've ever got jumpy listening to a horror-film soundtrack, or worked-out longer and stronger because you put some pumping dance-music on, or watched a child explode into a hyperactive state because of a catchy pop tune, you already know that music can have not just mere emotional effects, but measurable physiological effects on us.

And yet it's a phenomenon that we pay little attention to in Western culture. We generally think of music as entertainment, a thought that disguises the true power of music, and the people who wield that power. In other, less technologically advanced places in the world, where music-media-on-demand is a new or still-unknown thing, the concept of music-as-medicine or music-as-village-ritual still survives, lending these cultures a psychic anchor that stabilizes their communities and feeds their souls and emotional bodies.

These powers of psychic, emotional and physiological alteration are still at play inside the music of the West. But, as a generalized population, we have denied and forgotten the true magic inside music - that it can change us, not just in a mild, entertaining way for the few minutes that a song plays for, but permanently and deeply

If you have ever been an avid listener of music in your life, you HAVE been affected, changed, probably in ways you don't yet suspect.

If you listen to music on a frequent basis currently, you ARE affecting your psyche, your emotions, maybe even your behaviours. Yes, there are the effects that you are conscious of, perhaps the very effects you chose a song for, like being soothed or excited or cheered up, but there are subtler, slower-moving changes going on under the surface, too.

Those changes may be long-lasting or even permanent.

Wouldn't you like to know what your music choices are doing to you? 

Well, it's not a power of discernment that one can learn in a day. It's a gentle process, akin to mastering meditation or journaling. But with a planned-out, step-by step guide, it most certainly CAN be done by anyone with an ear and a heart.

So here at The Conscious Music School, we've mapped out that process, and it starts right here with our free introductory report, 5 Ways Music Can Heal You & 5 Ways Music Can Hurt You.

If you want more clarity and consciousness about your music choices and what they're doing to you, enter your details in the form to get the free report and get started today.

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