Authentic Musician

Attention, Authentic Musician! 

Do any of these statements describe your experience as a musician?

I feel burned out. I give and give to be the best at what I do, but it's leaving me hollow. 

Sometimes I feel a powerful connection with my audience, but it comes and goes. It's baffling! 

I want an audience for my 'serious' music, people who I can really connect with, but finding them is a real challenge. 

Most of all, I want my music to have a real, positive impact in the world, far more than simple entertainment. 

I've seen The Beast that is the music industry and I WILL NEVER go back to it! 

I've studied sound-healing techniques, but they don't join up easily with my music-making. 

I've raised my vibration in the last few years, and I know now that music can be a 'holy experience,' but knowing how to call that up is still just a dream as far as my practical musicianship is concerned. 

You're not alone! There are many serious, heart-centered musicians in the world who have witnessed themselves, and their own art-form, being debased and abused to infantilize, program and enslave our society. Musicians who have awoken to the fact that it's their own abdication of the magical power in music that has led to the power-grab by dark forces that is so obvious in the West's musical culture today.

Here at The Conscious Music School, Simon Siddol has helped many musicians like you to wake up and break free of this dark magic, by realizing their true artistic potential, with the simple strategies revealed in this Free 'Thriving Authentic Musician in 2021' Report. Fill in the form to get your copy now!

Quit Being a Slave to 'The Industry' and Find Your Authentic Voice

 This Special Report will help you:

  • Reveal the true reasons you perform, so you (not your obsession, nor your manager) can be in the drivers seat.
  • Begin to clear the habits and the baggage you've built up that make it harder and harder to reach your audience and touch their hearts.
  • Get clear on what energies you're giving out so you can avoid emotional exhaustion and burnout.
  • Understand the simple mistake that keeps your highest practice and inspiration at bay.
  • Begin to prepare yourself for the musical revolution of the 21st century!

There IS a place for your higher artistic aspirations in this world! Right now in this moment of great change, the need for artists with spirit and wisdom is becoming more collectively understood every day. It's time to shine!

Submit your name in the form to the left and you'll receive this Special Report, plus some other surprises to get you started on your journey from simple musician to musical shaman. 

Simon has opened my eyes to so many aspects of my playing and performance which I had never considered before his teachings. His understanding of music on a level beyond anyone else I've met has set me on a path towards a deep and profound understanding of the emotional, physical and psychological elements involved in performing music up to the highest level. His skill in communicating how these aspects intertwine and can be harnessed to raise the consciousness of performer and listener alike has been revelatory, and he helps me get to the core of any issues in my technique, whether physical or mental, and root out the problems. I’d recommend his classes to anyone aspiring to be a true musician and harnessing the fundamental power of music.

kit portrait  Tom Evans, Multi-instrumentalist, Band Member of Vessels




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