Capable Musician

Attention, Musician! 

Do any of these statements describe your experience of performing?


I don't perform in front of people: I get too nervous or lose my concentration, so I only record my music. 

Sometimes I play well, sometimes my nerves / memory / concentration get the better of me. 

I'm not a 'natural' performer / singer / instrumentalist. 

I play well, but that one niggle that crashes my gigs is always there in the back of my mind. 

I can sing. I can play. I just can't sing AND play. 

I've spent all this time, effort and money learning my instrument, and I can't just go out and perform. 


You're not alone! Here at The Conscious Music School, Simon Siddol has helped hundreds of musicians like you develop truly reliable performance skills with the strategies revealed in the 'Free And Capable Musician In 2023' report.

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I came to Simon with the worst case of “stage fright” imaginable – so bad I couldn’t control it at all! Over several sessions we worked on getting over it, and with a combination of exercises, discussion and some hypnotic suggestion Simon made a huge improvement in my condition. I would say that my coaching sessions with Simon have significantly changed my life for the better. Now, I am much more confident, I am enjoying playing more than ever and I am getting much more satisfaction from music. 

Well done Simon and Thank You! 
kit portrait  Kit Owens, Folk Fiddler and Accordionist




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