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Meet Your Coach, Simon Siddol


Simon Siddol is a musician and coach dedicated to bringing musicians to a deeper and more authentic connection with their audiences, by raising their consciousness and empowering their musicianship with shamanic technique.

After 40 years of music study and performance, 28 years as a teacher and 15 years as a musicians' consciousness coach, Simon instinctually understands the intimate connection between a musician's deep psyche, their playing, and the quality of their impact on their audiences.

To this effect, and in a society where such considerations are in danger of extinction, Simon has founded The Conscious Music School, in an effort to re-awaken a sense of duty towards the psychic health of our communities that he believes all musicians should consider.

Simon is an experienced performer and director in many musical styles, ranging from contemporary & classical, to jazz & blues, to free improv, to drone-music & minimalism, to Cuban dance-hall & psychedelic rock.

Despite a life-long passion for self-education and a deep suspicion concerning mass education goals and ideals, Simon holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music from De Montfort University.

Outside of the passion of music and music-coaching, Simon is also a student of the Hermetic arts, a long-time devotee of shadow-work, and engages part time as an astrological counsellor.

A lover of all life-forms, Simon has a special affinity for cats.



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